• £169 inc VAT


  • Worship display software
  • Smoothly present songs, images, videos, Bible passages and PowerPoint slideshows. Create a distraction-free experience for your audience with seamless cross-fades between items.  Manage everything ‘in one box’ with software that’s actually enjoyable to use.
  • No more video headaches. No more codec nightmares. Every video format ‘just works’. Experiment with subtle motion backgrounds behind song words, fade from a running PowerPoint into a full HD video clip, and back again at the click of a button. Hook up a camera and display live video with words on top.

Our intelligent text layout engine does all the hard work for you. Adjust the font size and watch text automatically word-wrap and ‘reflow’ across slides with no manual effort needed. Enjoy the highest quality text rendering with smooth alpha-blending and shadow/outline effects.