HT400 Price list

* All prices in UK £ sterling. Prices include UK sales tax (VAT) at 20%

Code Product SRP inc VAT*
HT-400 HT-400 Hymnal Plus player unit pre-loaded with core UK repertoire ROM £2149.00
HT-3PP HT-400 Psalm Player option (with trigger and 242 recordings indexed to
The Parish Psalter)
HT-3VID HT-400 Display Output option £159.00
HT-B3000 3000mAh NiMh rechargeable battery pack £64.99
HT-KB1 Qwerty typing keyboard £25.99
HT-CC1 Padded soft carry case £25.99

Additional Repertoire Upgrades

Prices include book index software upgrade, matching tune repertoire and one-off lifetime MCPS copyright licence fee (applicable within the EU only)

Code Product SRP inc VAT*
CAH Complete Anglican Hymns Old & New £199.00
CGD Common Ground £89.00
CHD Church Hymnary 4 £199.00
CMP Complete Mission Praise (1144 hymns) £149.00
MPF Complete Mission Praise 25th Anniversary Edition (1250 hymns) £199.00
CUK CCLI UK  Top 25 (current Top 25 at time of purchase supplied) £49.99
GAM Gathering Mass (Inwood) £79.00
GRW Greater World hymn book £49.00
HGS Hymns of Glory, Songs of Praise £199.00
JPH Junior Praise (Combined Edition) £149.00
MBL Mass of the Bread of Life (Rizza) £79.00
MER Merbecke Holy Communion £79.00
MNW Mass of New Wine (Ogden) £79.00
MOC Mass of Creation (Haugen) £79.00
NEM New English Mass (Appleford) £79.00
SFB Songs of Fellowship 2 £199.00
SNS SNU “small” book £59.00
SNU SNU hymn book £99.00
STA St Annes Mass (McMillan) £79.00
STF Singing The Faith £239.00
STT Mass of St Thomas (Thorne) £79.00
TAS Addington Setting (Shephard) £79.00

Hymn Technology Ltd reserves the right to change or modify products, specifications or prices at any time without prior notice.