Create clean, media-rich presentations in minutes with EasyWorship 6. Now with a full Presentation Designer, you can customize fonts and themes, loop slides, and run spell check. Other features like NewTek TriCaster integration and Alpha Channel support make EasyWorship 6 the perfect solution for HD broadcast environments. And a redesigned interface still offers quick, intuitive access to Bibles, worship lyrics, and background videos.
EasyWorship Version 6 standard site  licence Only £360 inc VAT
EasyWorship Version 6 Roaming licence (1 PC) Only £360 inc VAT
Upgrade from 2009 £150 inc VAT
Upgrade from 2007 or earlier £150 inc VAT
Additional bibles  
KJV Bible (King James Version) free
ASV Bible (American Standard Version) free
NIV Bible (New International Version) £28 inc VAT
GNT Bible (Good News Translation) £28 inc VAT
MSG Bible (The Message Translation) £28 inc VAT
NKJV Bible (New King James Version) £28 inc VAT
NLT Bible (New Living Translation) £28 inc VAT
NASB Bible (New American Standard Bible) £28 inc VAT
AMP Bible (Amplified Version) £28 inc VAT


Ease of Use Flexible user interface allows individual window panes to be sized according to preference Drag-and-drop environment lets you join backgrounds to song or Scripture slides within seconds Create slides faster with auto-sizing and auto-select for text style and positioning or control it yourself

Flexibility Transport schedule files with a CD, external hard drive or thumb drive, or send via email EasyWorship is compatible with a number of handheld remotes Database networking and customization Create custom profiles for personalized global settings and preferences

Compatible Formats Video: MP4, MOV, WMV, MPG1, MPG2, AVI Still: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP Audio: MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA

Slide Editor Create slides from scratch for songs, announcements or custom text Text can be auto-resized as you type for optimal on-screen readability (Or not) Control global font settings as well as individual slide font settings: type, style, size, color, alignment Choose custom bullet styles and background fill effects Song Select Lyric Service® integration for downloading lyrics and copyright info from CCLI Turn any video or still image into a background template with automatic text positioning Choose a video, image, camera feed or custom fill effect as the default background for any song, scripture or presentation Option to set shadow, outline, shadow blur, create a reflection or add transparency to any element Use spell check on any slide or presentation Multiple elements per slide Automatically timed and looping presentations for song, scriptures and announcements

PowerPoint Support Compatible with the latest version of PowerPoint PowerPoint files are stored in the Presentation Area for quick access to your presentations. Import PowerPoint files easily through drag-and-drop. Edit and save PowerPoint files within EasyWorship (PowerPoint required)

Resources Search Search is available for resource you want to find including songs, scriptures and announcements. Searching can be done by resource title, scripture reference or contextually. Switching search modes can easily be done by clicking the toggle on the left of the search box.

Collections The resource area now gives you the power to create collections based on criteria you define. You can create a collection of songs that are written by the same author or create a collection of videos or images that have “cross” in the name.

Bibles All of your translations in a library for quick access Quick look-up by book, chapter, verse and keyword Double-click a Scripture to display live instantly, or drag-and-drop to a service schedule (may be changed) Easily view the same Scripture across multiple translations Many FREE Bibles available for download. Popular versions available for an additional cost include NIV, NLT, NKJV and more Use scripture reflow to automatically generate slides from selected scriptures

Media Sort stills, videos, live feeds and DVD clips with resizable thumbnails or detailed view for quick access Double-click a mini-movie, live feed or DVD clip in your library to go live instantly, or drag-and-drop to your schedule for display at a later time Drag-and-drop environment lets you join any background media or live feed to a song or Scripture within seconds Live feed management for cameras, switchers, external video sources (i.e. – video camera) Support for BlackMagic capture devices

Songs Organize and search all of your song lyrics within EasyWorship Double-click a song in your library to go live instantly, or drag-and-drop to your schedule Quick look-up by song title or lyrics Song Select Lyric Service® integration for downloading lyrics and copyright info from CCLI * Auto-display for CCLI License Number and each song’s copyright info Create collections to organize songs Right-click a song to edit lyrics or backgrounds on-the-fly *EasyWorship provides a custom interface for users to access their existing Song Select Lyric Service account to download song lyrics for EasyWorship. Song Select Lyric Service is a service of CCLI. EasyWorship users must set up a Song Select Lyric Service account separately from their purchase of EasyWorship.

Themes The themes area allows you to make templates that can be applied to scripture, songs, and presentations. Backgrounds are created by using media or themes. Media and themes are available in the song editor for convenient access.

DVD Editor Open a DVD, select a scene, create a custom clip with bookmarks, and then go live or save the clip to your schedule Create custom Mark In and Mark Out bookmarks in any movie or video using a digital timer or slider Preview button lets you see your custom clip before going live or saving to your schedule Instant spin-up cuts down on playback delay

Output Supports an audience display, stage display and also an alpha channel simultaneously Supports single, double or triple wide audience display Text is anti-aliased so the edges are crisp and clean HD compatible Output to a TriCaster via LAN connection Output to any video mixer or switcher via standard A/V connection for Chroma Key or Alpha Key Single-click black screen out, black screen in, clear text out, clear text in or default logo screen

Licensing A Site license comes standard with every copy of EasyWorship Install on any number of computers at a single location Install on home computers Includes concurrent use, so you can project simultaneously anywhere on campus